About This Project

A farmhouse dated 1714 and 1754 and a barn dated 1717, both listed grade ll. Now owned by LeStrange Estates of Old Hunstanton, Norfolk.

Due to the historical sensitivity of the building we were approached by a local architectural company and liaising with the BCKLWN Conservation Officers asked to carry out works including replacing like for like air-dried oak roof timbers, and the rebuilding of internal walls with chalk lump, reclaimed bricks and lime mortar.

As the building itself is a registered bat roost and as all bat species are listed under the European Union’s Council Directive and are given UK Protected Status there is a very strict deadline to adhere to as the roosting season is between September and April, meaning all works had to be completed by the 1st September 2019 giving a tight 6 week programme of works.

We completed the project well within the time frame – happy clients, happy bats!


Our work